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Gift Ideas for Family and Friends Under $400


If there is a birthday or holiday coming up, the first thought that comes to mind is “What gift should I get this person?” Shopping for gifts for people is a fun and creative way to show a person you care. However, sometimes it can be tough; in fact, many shoppers have reported that shopping for their friends and loved ones can add undue stress to what should be an enjoyable activity. If you’re having trouble finding a gift, here are a few ideas for you!

Dimplex Electric Fireplace

The winter months are an ideal time for families to gather around the warmth of a fireplace and enjoy each other’s company. What has become a misconception regarding electric fireplaces is that they are too expensive for the average household to afford. The truth is, they are more affordable than ever before, and there is no better option for the price than a Dimplex Fireplace. Frankly, the options are limitless. Whether you wish to install a 23” Deluxe Insert Fireplace or implement a fire stove or a ‘Mini Cube Stove’ Freestanding electric fireplace, the choice is yours! Consider the interior design of your loved one’s home and speak to a customer service representative for detailed suggestions.

Weber Grills and Cookers

The element of surprise is an underrated aspect of giving a gift, and therefore, you should treat your loved one with a gift that screams “Let’s cook!” Everyone enjoys a well-cooked and savoury dish, whether they’re cooking their favourite meats or vegetables, which is why you should consider buying your loved one a Weber electric grill, charcoal grill or cooker. This is an especially great gift for summer birthdays! If your loved one enjoys the taste of barbecue steaks or chicken, consider buying them a Weber Q 1200 grill and get ready for some delicious meals.

Ooni Koda Gas Powered Pizza Oven

There is no better way to reach the heart of a pizza lover than to purchase them their very own pizza oven! Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Pizza ovens are incredibly expensive”, however this is not necessarily the case. Ooni has designed and manufactured a natural gas-powered and propane-powered pizza oven, at a cost-effective price point, which guarantees to deliver fast and delicious pizza in a matter of minutes. The best part is that these ovens are portable; you can bring it to your next outdoor gathering and impress everyone with your elegant, sophisticated, and personal pizza oven.

Picking out the right gift for a birthday or holiday doesn’t need to be a stressful event. There are so many cost-effective options available for individuals looking to impress their loved ones! For more information on product availability, contact Kerrisdale Lumber today! 

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