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3 Way to Improve Your Summer Patio


There is an opportunity for you to invest in your home and upgrade elements that would increase your enjoyment for what’s left of the summer. Here are the three ways to improve your backyard patio so that you can continue to enjoy all that the summer has left to bring you this year!

Building a Deck

The quality of your backyard patio is dependent on the quality of the material used to create it. Thankfully, homeowners have so many options to choose from to decide on the hardwood, composite or softwood they would like their deck to consist of. Composite decks are perfect for homeowners that do not intend on painting or staining their new decks, are looking for a solution to pesky termites or are seeking an environmentally conscientious option. For a more traditional look, with a vibrant aesthetic, consider investing in a deck made from ThermoWood Scottywood in white ash.

Choosing Your Barbecue

If you’ve been utilizing the same barbecue for the last 6-10 years, it may be time for you to upgrade to something more elegant. Whether you’re looking for a charcoal, propane or natural gas grill for your patio, the options for you are plenty, including your choice in size and most importantly, budget.

If your patio is limited in available space, a gas-powered barbecue may be an ideal fit for you. This is especially true if space is extremely limited, for example, if you reside in a condominium or smaller apartment complex. A gas barbecue is an incredibly time-efficient option for your backyard patio that heats much quicker than a propane grill would.

Those that prioritize flavour and cooking large portions of food may do best with a charcoal grill. The reason that food tastes better coming off a charcoal grill is that the food is indulged with a smoky texture and aroma that accentuates the flavour of the meat with much more precision. However, charcoal grills take considerably longer to heat up and may release sediment and other small particles of matter throughout the entire cooking process.

If you’re looking for a versatile grill that is not only elegant but cook’s food with precision, consider our selection of Kamado grills!

Tie the Patio Together with An Outdoor Rug

Whether you’re walking around on composite wood, authentic wood or cement, an area rug for your patio or deck can tie your backyard arrangement together. An outdoor surface rug not only improves the stylish appearance of your patio but also accentuates your unique and individualistic aesthetic.

It can be challenging to stop yourself from thinking ahead to the fall and winter months, so enjoy the warm weather while it is here! With a few months of warm weather remaining, now is as good a time as ever to upgrade your backyard patio, invite a couple of friends over, and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home!

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