Choosing the Right Heater for Your Patio

7th Oct 2019

Choosing the Right Heater for Your Patio

Autumn has officially arrived; the leaves on the trees are beginning to change their colour and fall from the neighbourhood trees, the temperature is getting colder, and the seasonal events have yet to begin. There is still an abundance of time to spend enjoying the outdoors, and where better to enjoy it than the comfort of your own backyard! One thing you can add to your backyard patio to tie the outdoor space together would be a new patio heater. As a homeowner, you have a few options available to you, including your choice of natural gas, propane, or electric patio heaters. Here’s a quick guide to aid you in making your decision for your backyard patio.

Natural Gas-Powered Heaters

Natural gas-powered patio heaters are ideal for a homeowner with plenty of open space in their backyard as they need room to emit fumes securely. The intricacy of these patio heaters boasts a higher initial cost, but the money you’ll be saving, in the long run, is considerable. Patio heaters that run on natural gas are incredibly efficient and easy to maintain, requiring little-to-no yearly upkeep. Because they are connected directly to your home’s gas lines, they provide ubiquitous heating, meaning you’ll be able to lounge in your backyard without the heat ever going out. These heaters are not portable and are sold primarily as standing units. Some natural gas-powered heaters also utilize infrared heating which could be an important factor in your decision making.

Propane Powered Heaters

Because you don’t need to keep propane-powered patio heaters connected to your home, these units are extremely popular. These heaters are available as standing units and are manufactured with a more extensive base to provide shelter for the liquified petroleum gas tank. The liquified petroleum gas tank is used to connect portable propane tanks, which are sold individually and need to be replaced when empty. There are a couple of options to choose from when choosing a propane-powered heater. Firstly, you can decide on a standing heater which is great because it can be moved anywhere in your backyard helping you attain the look you’re going for. Secondly, there are tabletop heaters which are perfect for placement on dinner/patio tables.

Electric Powered Heaters

The third option for homeowners is electric-powered heaters. One option is to choose an infrared heater that works excellently to keep humans and pets warm, rather than just the air outside. Essentially, the infrared energy is absorbed by anyone and anything that is around the heater and then is circulated to keep everyone cozy. The infrared electric heaters can either be hanged or mounted and are outstanding options for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon emissions.

Kerrisdale Lumber proudly offers all homeowners in Vancouver and the surrounding area choices, and because every home is unique, we continue to provide only the most durable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing products on the market. Sunglo, Sunpak and Patio Comfort heaters are cost-effective, efficient, and sleek heaters that will keep you comfortable and happy in the Fall and Winter.

Variety of Patio Heaters

Each homeowner has a unique style and therefore providing customers with options is of major importance for us. Here are a few different variations of patio heaters that we offer our customers:

  • Stand Alone Heaters - powered by propane or natural gas. These heaters closely resemble the shape of a UFO disk. Available in stainless steel, these heaters boast a sleek and elegant look that will tie your backyard together beautifully.
  • Wall/Eave Mount - powered by natural gas, propane or electricity, these features utilize infrared long-wave heating which helps keep humans & pets warm but not the surrounding environment.
  • Fire tables - provide a place for you to sit around and warm up on cool Fall nights. These tables will provide you with a centrepiece where friends and family can relax, rest their drinks, and enjoy each other's company.