Home Improvement Tips for Homeowners on a Budget

25th Sep 2019

Home Improvement Tips for Homeowners on a Budget

As a homeowner, you're constantly looking for ways to upgrade your living space, whether it be internally or externally. Whether you're tired of the same old amenities or overall aesthetic, you deserve to live in a home that makes you proud. Homeowners may assume that to improve their home, they need to fork out thousands of dollars in home repairs and renovations; however, many upgrades can be completed inexpensively. If you're looking to improve your home, but are not looking to spend a fortune, here are a few essential home improvement tips to invigorate your house with a fresh new light:

New Fresh Coat of Paint or Wallpaper

Paint isn't designed to last in excellent condition forever; over time, due to human activity and inbound sunlight, the paint may fade and lose its vibrancy. Paint can be especially frustrating for homeowners when it begins to chip or peel. Another reason a homeowner may look to upgrade their painting job is they are simply tired of the colour of their home's paint. Applying a new coat of paint to the exterior of your home will improve curb appeal. Applying a fresh coat of paint to your home's interior will make your living space more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. Kerrisdale Lumber is a proud supplier of Clark + Kensington as well as Farrow & Ball, providing homeowners in Vancouver, BC with an abundance of options.

Wood Stains

Your floors will be withstanding copious amounts of pressure every day. Between people walking on your floors with footwear, accidentally dropping heavy items on it, and sliding chairs across the floor's surface, over time, your floors will be ridden with scuffs, dents and cracks. For homes with hardwood floors, these damages can be devastating and costly. Thankfully, there is something you can do to restore the condition of your wooden floors to their original lustre. Kerrisdale Lumber is a proud supplier of Varathane Wood Stain- their products will ensure that your elegant & delicate hardwood flooring is stained which will accentuate the wood's natural appearance, as well as protect it from damage. Additionally, if you have any wooden outdoor furniture in need of a touch-up, Minwax is the perfect solution to restore your chairs, benches, and tables.

Brand New Dishware

Dishware may not be the first thing that homeowners think of when they're pondering ways to improve their home, but the quality of your dishware can stand out to dinner guests. So many homeowners reuse their bowls, plates, cups and utensils to the point that stains are no longer removable and most of their dishware is either chipped or cracked. Damaged dishware may become problematic if bacteria develops within those chips and cracks. Upgrading your dishware is an inexpensive investment into your home and how your guests perceive your food. The next time you house an outdoor barbecue party, ensure that you are using high-quality dishware for your guests!

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