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Outdoor Heating and Firepits

Patio Heaters


Popular in restaurants and hotels, patio heaters typically come in either freestanding or tabletop and in either natural gas or liquid propane. A freestanding heater will be easy to move and will be a plus if you are decorating your outdoor space. A liquid propane patio heater is portable, whereas a natural gas patio heater is restricted by the length of your natural gas hose. As you can see by the picture above, liquid propane patio heaters usually come with a storage compartment built-in to the heater itself – for aesthetic purposes. Sunglo, Patiocomfort, and LAVA Heat are our top picks.





If you have a backyard, an open firepit heater may be the best route to go; a firepit will replicate that feeling of being up in the mountains, and being one with nature. Browse one of our textured firepits or firebowls, and enjoy knowing that natural aging will affect the color over time and make your fire feature uniquely your own. 


Electric Heaters


Due to its ability to blend in to spaces, the wall mounted patio heater is very popular. In just 27 seconds, infrared heating will warm you up. You can choose to either mount in on an exterior wall, or mount it on a stand. Our favourite wall mounted patio heaters are UFO and Bromic Heating. 

Patio heaters have become increasingly popular in recent years, following the trend of bars and restaurants to have heaters to extend the summer season and enable customers to eat or drink. However, patio heaters are no longer just found in restaurants and pubs. With the increase of knowledge dissemination and the highly favorable benefits of owning such machinery, many home owners are now jumping into this arena.

Indeed patio heaters are great for cool nights during the fall and winter; but what about those cool summer nights? Normally, a patio heater can warm up to a 15 foot radius by up to fifteen degrees.

Patio heaters aren't affected by wind, though wind chill can still affect people in its path.

Choosing A Heater

When choosing a patio heater, it is best to survey the area where your heater will be placed. Patio heaters come in versions that can be wall mounted, free standing or set in the middle of a table.

The place or kind of space where your heater will be located will greatly affect the kind of heater you will decide to get. Find a location for the heater that's right for you. If you have pets or young children, a wall heater minimizes safety concerns. Electric heaters are convenient and inexpensive to run and pose no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, but placement of these units is somewhat limited, because they need to be plugged into an outlet. Propane heaters provide heat without the inconvenience of having to be near an outlet.

We carry freestanding heaters, table top heaters, open firepits, firetables, and wall mounted heaters from brands such as UFO, Bromic Heating, LAVA Heat, Napoleon, American Fyre and Sticks + Stones.

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